General Rules & Regulations

All IBBOC bouts are scheduled for 2 x 90 second rounds with a 30 second rest break between rounds.

In the event of a draw a one round extension will be imposed.

In the event of the extension round resulting in a draw then a winner must be decided by the centre referee.

Officials will consist of 3 corner judgers, 2 time keepers and one central referee.


Scoring Criteria

Attacking is based on clean yet controlled techniques connecting to legal target areas.

Head kicks, jumping kicks and cartwheel kicks to be encouraged.

Factors such as work rate, footwork and an active defence to be taken into account.


Point deductions

Serious and minor infringements of the rules may see the referee issue a public warning or even depending on the severity of the rule break deduct one point from the fighter at fault. After a first Public warning the referee will deduct a point. Any public warnings after that will result in immediate disqualification. The referee has the authority to disqualify a fighter at his discretion before or after any warnings are issued.

Warnings will generally be given for the following infringements of the rules.

1: Excess power or illegal technique. ie kicking below the belt, sweeping the opponents leg, Clinching, throwing etc

2: Unsportsmanlike conduct from the fighter. .

3: bad language or over aggressive tones


Medical stoppages

The Medics at mat side have the deciding say and can request a fight to be stopped in the interest of a fighter’s safety at any point.

In the event of a fight being stopped due to injury then the a decision will be made by the referee and judges!


Conduct at mat side

Coaches should at all time conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner. They should refrain  using bad language or over aggressive tones and should always be situated in the off the area whilst a fight is in progress.

Coaches should remain professional at all times even at the disappointment of a decision they deem to be incorrect going the opposite way. They should follow correct protocol of approaching the chief referee with any grievances or queries regarding decisions.

The head coach or instructor of a club are also responsible for its spectator’s behaviour and should at all times try to keep them under control and behaving in a respectable manner.


Fighting Attire

All competitors are expected to wear their club or association uniform whilst competing. All uniforms should be in good repair without any zips or buttons showing.

No jewellery can be worn by any competitor and must be removed prior to the contest starting. Toe nails should be clean and cut short and long hair must be tied back underneath their head guard.


Protective Equipment

Head guard – All IBBOC Competitors must wear well fitting and adjusted head guards fit for the purpose of  Light Continuous Competition. . Head guards with full face masks may not be used.

Gloves – All gloves must be marked as 10oz  and be in good repair. If the gloves are not marked or there are any disputes or questions over the weight they must be changed for another pair. The padding in the glove must not be broken down or tampered with in any way. A laced glove must be taped around the wrist to cover the laces with a non abrasive tape. Velcro strapped wrists must be well attached squarely with no part of the wrist strap loose that could potentially cause injuries. If this is the case they must too be taped securely or changed for another pair..

Contact Boots – Contact boots must be worn by all competitors. They must be in good repair covering all the toes and completely covering the heel of the foot. The toes must be attached to the boot using the toe straps where applicable..

Gum shield – All IBBOC Competitors must wear a fitted gum shield for the duration of the contest.

Female Chest Guard – All female competitors that are showing should wear a well fitting chest protector underneath their Gi . As with the groin protectors they will not be physically checked but a fighter found to be not wearing them in the course of the contest risks disqualification.

Groin Protector – Groin protectors are compulsory for all competitors and are to be worn underneath the competitor’s trousers. Fighters will be asked beforehand if they are wearing them but will not be physically checked by either the referee or the runner. If during the course of the contest the fighter cannot continue due to a low blow and is then found to be not wearing a groin protector they will be disqualified.

Shin Pads – Shin pads covering at least 70% of the shin must be worn by all competitors underneath the trousers. No hard shin pads i.e. football type can be worn.

All equipment must be in good repair. Safety of our competitors is paramount. Any competitor found wearing unsafe or ill fitting equipment will be given 60 seconds to change it or face a possible disqualification.